Our Children’s Earth v. Cargill & Cayuga Crushed Stone, Inc.

Photo by Bill Hecht via  Cayuga Lake Environmental Action Now

Cargill’s salt mine and Cayuga Crushed Stone’s quarry operation violate federal law and harm water quality in and around Cayuga Lake.

On May 1, 2019, Our Children’s Earth Foundation sent a notice of intent to sue three Cargill entities as well as Cayuga Crushed Stone, Inc. for unlawful stormwater discharges and other pollution that harm the biological integrity of waterways and drinking water sources. This pollution violates the Clean Water Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

We are working closely with individuals who care about these pollution sources, as well as local groups leading ongoing efforts to protect Cayuga Lake including Cayuga Lake Environmental Action Now or CLEAN [website|facebook].

The pollution we seek to address includes chloride, sodium, free cyanide, salt dust, brine, chlorine, and other troubling compounds. Impacted waterways include Minnegar Brook, Gulf Creek, and Cayuga Lake, which is an important drinking water source for several communities.

Pollution reports have shown for years that spills of salt and leaks of polluted water regularly enter these waterways. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is aware of the problems but has not taken adequate action to ensure permit compliance and to develop appropriate permit modifications to protect residents and waters.

We will post updates here and on our social media pages as this legal campaign develops. If you live or recreate near Cayuga Lake, Minnegar Brook, or Gulf Creek, we want to hear from you! Please join OCE as a member, call or message us, and/or send us a note.

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