Endangered Earth Activities


We are alarmed at the current rates of species loss, ecosystem fragmentation, ocean acidification and all its impacts, and the many extractive and exploitative activities that are increasingly disturbing Earth’s delicately balanced systems.

This planet is essentially a closed system: we may be able to sequester certain kinds of pollution, and we may try to limit certain kinds of damaging activities, but ultimately everything we put into our air, water, or land will have an impact, for better or worse. We are all downstream and downwind of somewhere, and we are all connected.

All over this magnificent planet that we inhabit, threatened species, water quality, native landscapes and plants, and Earth’s other delicate systems are fraught with harmful activities that put our collective future at risk. But there is reason to hope; we’ve seen some extraordinary success stories during recent years when communities, activists, and experts have teamed up to help endangered species and ecosystems on the path toward recovery.

Through education, policy change, incentives, and creativity, we can and do make a difference. 


If it is to be, it is up to me.” Everyone has a role to play through personal decisions and actions, partnerships, activism, land stewardship, animal care, limiting our individual carbon footprints, accumulating knowledge and then paying it forward by sharing our expertise and perspectives with others.

In addition to our other program areas, which often involve lawsuits and advocacy, OCE has embarked on this new program "Endangered Earth Activities," through which we intend to assess key ecosystems and help to raise awareness about the current plight of the natural world as well as what we can do to help. OCE and our partners will gather information, create and share content, learn as much as we can about how to make the most positive change in the most critical areas, and forge partnerships with artists and activists who are on the front lines of environmental protection efforts. 

Very soon we will begin posting content, updates, and reports detailing our experiences and what we learn along the way. If you have an idea or a project proposal related to protecting endangered areas and raising awareness about critical species and ecosystems, please contact us. We want to hear from you to learn more about your work!